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Etsy and eBay Services

Ecom India ecommerce enabler, offers you a complete suite of Amazon related services. If you are planning to get started on Amazon and are fresh to trade or have an established shop, Ecom India is your perfect partner to launch you on the Amazon platform. As part of the Flipkart Service Provider Network, Ecom India 360 degree solutions are comprehensive and all-encompassing from the moment you contact us to keep you company once you get going.


What We Offer

Flipkart Onboarding Partner

Flipkart Services is for to start your business with Flipkart, that includes Registration, account setup, listing products, imaging & brand registry.

Flipkart Training Partner

Ecom India Leadership Development & Training teammates build the programs, classes, and tools to help everyone at Flipkart learn.

Flipkart Listing Services

Ecom India upload each of your products by meticulously entering all product specific information such as SKU and other category specific information.

Advertising & Optimization

Ecom India structuring an Flipkart sponsored products (PPC) campaign, paid promotions in an inorganic way and review rating.

Flipkart Assured

Fulfillment by Flipkart helps you increase your online sales by giving you access to Amazon’s world-class fulfillment resources.

Flipkart Boost Services

Ecom India provide Flipkart boost services to their clients that helps to increase sales via Account health management, listing, promotion etc.

What is Flipkart Services

In order to become a seller on Amazon and keep selling successfully a seller has to undergo various formalities and processes. These include registration, product catalogues with photos, pricing structure and marketing strategies. It requires a high degree of skill and knowledge to be successful and sellers can join the Amazon Sellers training program or take assistance from a pool of trained and certified Amazon Service Providers. These service providers are part of Flipkart services intended to help retailers get onto Amazon and sell successfully as well as remain compliant. There are different components to the services offered by Amazon service providers in the Amazon Service Provider Network. As a trained and authorized Amazon service provider in the SPN, Digicommerce offers you the complete suite of services.


Flipkart Onboarding

Evaluation of your business and prospects.

Registration with Flipkart.

Brand registry and approval.

Exemption for products that do not have barcodes.

Imaging and cataloging

That is the primary step to create your store on the Amazon marketplace. This is followed by imaging and cataloging services:

Photography of products by professionals in a studio environment.

Write-ups of each product that offer in-depth detailed and convincing descriptions.

Your store goes live and creates a positive impression from day one.


Amazon Boost, Advertising, Promotions, Strategies

Ecom India Amazon Boost services relieves you of the burden of managing your seller account and devising strategies to boost sales and initiate strategies as well as participate in ongoing Amazon Promotions. Digicommerce team of trained professionals takes care of inventory control, sales, planning and strategies to give your store and sales a big boost. Our analysts and researchers help you get pricing right and recommend sourcing processes in an all in one solution crafted to deliver resounding success. Importantly, we ensure your store is never suspended. From routine to beyond, we manage it all.

Why Ecom India for Flipkart

If you wish to succeed on a highly structured and organized platform like Amazon you need Ecom India professional Flipkart. This is why:

We have a team of trained and certified Amazon professionals committed to helping each client succeed.

We know just how Amazon works and offer insightful, refined strategies along with consultancy and handholding each step of the way.

You can leave it all to us, from planning, sourcing assistance, selling assistance and customer relationship. We care for you as we care for family members.

Our rates are the best and our services top notch with support at all times.

Get in touch with us today and you can get a jump start on Amazon Platform with our total SPN service solution