Flipkart Service Providers

Ecom India ecommerce enabler, offers you a complete suite of Flipkart related services. If you are planning to get started on Flipkart and are fresh to trade or have an established shop, Ecom India is your perfect partner to launch you on the Flipkart platform. As part of the  Flipkart Service Provider Network, Ecom India 360 degree solutions are comprehensive and all-encompassing from the moment you contact us to keep you company once you get going.

Flipkart Onboarding

Ecom India services provider, helps you get started on Flipkart with the following services:

Evaluation of your business and prospects
Registration with Flipkart
Brand registry and approval 
 exemption for products that do not have barcodes

Flipkart Boost, advertising, promotions, strategies

Ecom India Flipkart Boost services relieves you of the burden of managing your seller account and devising strategies to boost sales and initiate strategies as well as participate in ongoing Flipkart Promotions. Ecommerce team of trained professionals takes care of inventory control, sales, planning and strategies to give your store and sales a big boost. Our analysts and researchers help you get pricing right and recommend sourcing processes in an all in one solution crafted to deliver resounding success. Importantly, we ensure your store is never suspended. From routine to beyond, we manage it all.